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Overseas client

For overseas clients we can help with full range of services to ensure the set up of your UK office runs as smoothly as possible.

Business Registrations for Start Up Businesses
Running a business in the United Kingdom may require you file various registrations including:

  • New Companies Details form (from CT41G),
  • Employer Registration for PAYE purposes,
  • VAT registration.

Company Incorporation
Incorporated Companies must be registered with Companies House. They have an obligation to lodge annual returns and annual accounts.

If you need assistance in purchasing a shelf company then we can gladly act on you behalf to help you through this process.

The preparation of your annual accounts and other business reports depends on accurate and timely bookkeeping. London Bookkeeping Services Ltd can assist your business by setting up accounting systems for processing of sales invoices, suppliers invoices, and carrying out all bookkeeping functions to trial balance stage.

Management Accounts
The preparation of management accounts are necessary to assist in making business decisions and will be requested by your accountants, auditors, bankers, Inland Revenue and other third parties. We can prepare management reports on a monthly or quarterly basis. Our management reports include Profit and Loss Statements, Balance sheets, Annual Budget and Forecasts, Accruals & Prepayment schedules and Inter-Company charges & reconciliations (if appropriate).

VAT Returns
If you are registered for VAT in the UK then we can prepare your VAT return on your behalf.

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